Why you should hire a legal recruiter for your law firm


Law firms face two problems when it comes to hiring new associates The first is that they do not have enough time – associates find recruits and usually are busy trying to meet their quotas of billable hours. The second is that they are often not able to locate the kind of talent that they are looking for since they don’t have the necessary industry reach. The use of legal recruiters can overcome both of these problems. These are companies that specialize in seeking out new employees for law firms, negotiating salaries and making sure that the employees start work. They come with several advantages:

•    The first is expertise. Legal recruiters have what an in-house attorney may lack – they have market knowledge which means they are better placed to find the best talent. Better yet they know the most efficient ways of linking up employers with new attorneys, they understand current market trends, where they can find new talent and also the kinds of deals of which lawyers are looking. Furthermore, it is easy for them to bring you the best attorneys for your law firm.

•    Legal recruiters have what the lawyers in your firm don’t – they have time to find and interview new employees. The dedicate their whole business to finding top legal brains and then matching them to employers who need them. They will be able to get new associates much faster than if you tried to hire in-house.

•    Legal recruiters will also free up existing employees to do what they do best – practice the law. Hiring in-house usually means that one or two lawyers within the firm have to stop what they are doing to look at resumes and conduct interviews. Usually, this is not their area of expertise, and it ends up costing them billable hours. By hiring a legal recruiting firm, you will let your lawyers focus on their jobs.

•    They also save you money. As your law firm grows bigger and bigger, you will have more staffing needs, and the only way to meet them, if you don’t use national legal recruiters, is to have an HR division. This division is a huge expense on your bottom line. You will have to pay people who don’t have much to do except when they are looking for new hires. Hiring a legal recruiting firm will cost you money, but it will be a lot less, and you only pay them when they bring you an employee.

•    You are also less likely to go wrong regarding talent when you use a legal recruiting firm. Your expertise is not people – it is the law. Just because an individual has a strong resume doesn’t mean that they will be the right fit for your law firm. Legal recruiters, on the other hand, first take the time to understand your work environment and culture so that they can match you with the right people. If you insist on finding talent yourself, you may end up making costly mistakes.

•    A legal recruiting firm is also a good way to improve your workplace. The good ones take the time to advise their clients on the kind of environment they should foster to encourage employees to stay, based on their experience over the years.

•    They can also help you diversify the kind of law that you practice. May be right now you are focused on providing a limited number of legal services because you cannot find expert lawyers in other areas. If you use a legal recruiting service, they have the reach and industry knowledge to find lawyers in all sorts of areas. You may find yourself expanding the range of legal services you provide because you will have the right experts within reach.

•    Legal recruiters also bring you the top minds in the field. Since they have extensive databases, they can compare candidates so that they can choose the best from the rest. You, on the other hand, will hire based on just a few resumes, and there is a big chance that you will not get the best.

•    Legal recruiters are flexible when it comes to payment. You can negotiate with them so that you can pay them a percentage of the salary of the recruit every month, which helps if you don’t have a lot of money. If you do, you can pay them upfront each time they bring you a new hire.

As you can see, using legal recruiters will better serve your law firm. 

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